Joe Blow

Joe Blow
n. US colloq. = JOE BLOGGS.

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a hypothetical average man
Hypernyms: ↑commoner, ↑common man, ↑common person

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Usage: usually capitalized J&B
Etymology: Joe + blow (probably arbitrarily chosen to rhyme with Joe
slang : an ordinary man; specifically : one who is self-important

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an average citizen; man in the street. Also called Joe Doakes.
[1935-40, Amer.; rhyming phrase. See JOE, BLOW2]

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Joe Bloggs or (N American and Aust) Joe Blow noun
The average man in the street
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Main Entry:Joe

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Joe Blow,
U.S. Slang. an average American.

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n. informal a name for a hypothetical average man

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noun, pl ⋯ Blows [count]
US informal : an average or ordinary man
— usually singular

His movies have no appeal for the average Joe Blow.

He's just some Joe Blow from off the streets.

; called also (Brit) Joe Bloggs

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Joe Bloggs f21 [Joe Bloggs] [ˌdʒəʊ ˈblɒɡz] [ˌdʒoʊ ˈblɑːɡz] (BrE) (NAmE ˌJoe ˈBlow, ˌJohn ˈDoe) noun singular (informal)
a way of referring to a typical ordinary person
See also:John Doe

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